Monday, December 19, 2011

Why must you appear in my dreams again all of a sudden? As strange as I think it may be, I enjoy it. It makes me really regret not getting to know you better though. You were just a summer friend that I was interested in, two summers ago. You'll never read this post, nor know it's about you.

I googled my thoughts and came upon a few answers, one of which,

"Also, completely outside of the romantic aspect of seeing someone in your dreams, I think that people will show up in your dreams when you believe from the bottom of your heart (whether or not you really want to accept it) that this person is meant to be in your life in some way shape or form. Sometimes you just know when someone is going to be important to you, and even if you may not talk much or go without talking for years, that part of you that remembers will show them to you when you're asleep."

Hm. Will we come across each other again?

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